The new German passport

Last week the new German passport was taken into circulation. The new passport has gotten some new security features. With these, the German government wants to get rid of its reputation of having one of the most counterfeited passports in the world.

reisepass-uvYou will notice that the German government didn’t hold back with the security features. The entire spread is covered in watermarks, UV images etc. including an impressive multicolored security mark in the image of Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate.

“In the world of travel, a high degree of security is indispensable, which is why I place great importance to the fact that the new German passport has state-of-the-art materials and up-to-date security features to ensure reliable protection against falsification,” Interior Minister Dr. Thomas de Maizière declared during the unveiling. “These will ensure reliable protection against counterfeiting or misuse of the German passport document, and provide more convenience when traveling through identity checks.“


Security features and other changes

Where the old passport had a hard cover, the new one has a flexible one. The front and back of the passport also use different embossing techniques (gold embossing and blind embossing).

Added to the new passport is a transparent area with a lens structure. This is integrated in the passport card. This structure contains data of the passport owner along with a photograph of him or her on the title page. This title page is made of polycarbonate and lists the document number and the name of the passport owner.
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