Majority people can’t identify counterfeit ID

HooYu, an identity confirmation service, recently stated that most people are unable to spot forged passports. The biometric identity checking firm cited a new study conducted by Atomik research.

Identify counterfeit IDThe research was performed among 1,013 people. They were asked to identify if a passport was real or not. The results showed that 68% of the time people are unable to correctly identify a fake passport.

The research also found when questioned, people over the age of 55 feel the least confident about their ability to spot a forged document with less than 5% thinking they would be able to. Those in the 25 -34 age bracket proved most confident despite this only 25% felt confident they would be able to identify a forgery.

HooYu has launched a service giving the general public and small business owners’ real-time access to the same level of identity document verification as multinational companies and governments.
David Pope HooYu Marketing Director, commented;

“HooYu is successfully protecting individuals and small businesses from financial loss by providing assurance that you know who you’re dealing with. Our research shows that criminals are using fakes that are impossible to identify with the naked eye. We are proud that now everyone can now use HooYu to check documents are real. Since launching, we’ve helped individuals and small business owners carry out checks to protect them from investment, romance, rental and employment fraud.”

The company’s solution combines information such as passports, social media identity data, other ID documents and facial biometric checks


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