Keesing ID e-Course

Acquire the skills to inspect and check the world’s ID documents.

The ID e-Course consists of 4 modules and teaches participants basic profiling and document authentication skills. Each module concludes with a test, allowing participants to assess whether they are sufficiently prepared for the final exam. A certificate is issued to each participant after successful completion. By the end of the course, participants will be able to conduct a quick, user-friendly ID check.

The ID e-Course focuses on three key questions:

  1. Is the document in question genuine?
  2. Is the document in question valid?
  3. Is the person presenting the document also the rightful document holder?


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Features & benefits of the ID e-Course

  • Practical e-Course for ID document authentication and profiling
  • Based on an easy-to-follow, three-stage process: look, feel, tilt
  • Basic theory covering authentication techniques
  • Basic skills to recognize counterfeits
  • Modular structure: individual modules can be followed at any time
  • Interim (knowledge) tests and final exam (certificate included)

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“I can recommend Keesing’s ID e-Course for non-experts that are looking for obtaining basic knowledge around document identification and authentication as well as basic knowledge in profiling.” – Georg Hasse, Secunet Security Networks AG

“The course is able to give you a solid foundation in forensic identification and document examination, quickly and effectively. It is also one of the few international courses that satisfies US licensure requirements.  Customer service was quick and  pleasant to deal with. 5 out of 5, highly recommended. “

– Michael de Sarro

Keesing Document Expert: Watch out for Look-a-like fraud!