ID Fraud on the rise in the Netherlands

The number of reports of ID fraud in the Netherlands has more than doubled in 2016. Last year showed 1724 reports, compared to 805 reports in 2015, says the Dutch government.

393 Cases involved the abuse of public information (address and / or phone number) and 316 cases involved passport fraud. Another 223 reports concerned an ID card and 152 times there was mention of abuse of a driving license.

Since reporting a fraud case can be done online, a substantial increase is visible. In addition, the increased awareness surrounding ID fraud plays a role, thanks to a government campaign. “You can’t say that more ID fraud occurs, however, you can say that more is reported,” says a spokeswoman.

Businessman victim of ID fraud

A businessman from Oss is haunted for years by ID fraud. He says he was confronted with it in 2012. A man who repaired his computer, then took lots of personal data. He has his license lost because of driving under the influence at the hands of the man who stole his identity. against withdrawal.

“My client is caught in a fix, between various government imposed taxes and fines for him for offenses he did not commit,” said Sébas Diekstra, lawyer of the businessman. “We are now working to free him from his predicament.”

Diekstra reports that a stack of declarations submitted to the prosecution, including for fraud and ID fraud. This has not yet led to prosecution of the man who copied his identity through his computer. The suspect has been known to the police. Diekstra has collected more than fifty cases of abuse, which have caused the Ox to more than 10,000 personal injury and also damage business. Except to the prosecution, he has also turned to the National Ombudsman.

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