Can You Catch a fraudster Opening a Bank Account with a Fake Passport?

The US alone has more than 42 million immigrants, with more entering the country each day. Many of them are legitimate refugees in need of help or immigrants trying to build a new live. According to recent news reports, many immigrants and refugees crossing the border are doing so with false passports.

Coutnerfeit IDs Darth VaderFake passports can create a terrorism risk that threatens security
But there are also bad elements, including criminals and terrorist groups, who may take advantage of the situation. Opening a bank account, using fake passports, with the mission of laundering money or financing terrorism.

Your Challenge as a Cnompliance Officer in a Financial Institution
The identification and verification procedures for account holders under Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act and the customer identification program (CIP), are clear. There is one catch. When collecting the person’s ID, how can you verify its authenticity, especially when issued by a foreign government?

Our Solution

Keesing can help you catch criminals and terrorists hiding behind fake IDs The ability to verify a client’s identity documentation independently enables your institution to enhance your ‘Know Your Customer” program rigor.

Keesing’s ID and passport checking services and global database of passports, drivers’ licences and other IDs offers your institution peace of mind whilst mitigating your regulatory, and reputational risks.

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