Biometric ID cards mandatory in Israel

The parliament of Israel agrees to making biometric ID cards mandatory for the population of the country. This was announced earlier this week.

With this new law, every civilian is required to agree to let the government store high-res facial images in a national biometric database. However, they may refuse to store their fingerprints in this database. Though, the fingerprints will remain on the card itself. If you refuse to store fingerprints in the national biometric database, you are required to renew your ID every five years.

The biometric card is designed to digitally encode all personal information such as fingerprints, photo and facial profile. The data will be stored in a chip that is attached to the biometric ID cards, which will also contain the data like name, gender and birth date. All information will be stored in a secured database.

Biometric ID cards“At the last minute we included [the provision] that the fingerprints of minors would not be added to the database,” said Nissan Slomiansky (Jewish Home), the chairman of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee. “And anyone who has doubts [about being included in the database] can request to have his fingerprints deleted.”

“There is no debate about whether smart-cards are necessary,” said MK Yulia Malinovsky (Yisrael Beyteinu). “We are in a new era and they are required. The question is about the buffer, since we fear that one day it may come out one way or another. I am convinced that the situation in Israel is good compared to other states, where [the situation is] like the wild west.”

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