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“Keesing is committed to delivering excellence in quality and security. We’re proud to be an ISO 9001 and 27001 registered company”

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We live in an age of security awareness, identity theft and accountability mandates. Across the economy and throughout society, identity verification is a vital responsibility. It’s written into our laws and is an important risk reduction tool for businesses. Positively identifying individuals is also a fundamental part of keeping people safe.

Making the decision to accept or reject an ID takes staff, time and reliable information – all of which can be in short supply. With the right tools, it’s far easier. That can mean a business avoiding a fine and keeping its license, a bank protecting its assets and reputation, or a law enforcement officer taking a criminal off the street. That’s what Keesing Technologies makes possible… and we’ve been doing it every day since 1923.

Images of thousands of international and North American IDs and their security features available to you 24/7

At Keesing Technologies, our goals are simple:

  • Provide the most far-reaching, trusted source of ID information available anywhere
  • Create identity verification tools that are easy-to-use and kept up-to-date
  • Keep access to this vitally important information affordable
  • All our products are compiled by Keesing’s forensic ID lab, staffed with internationally recognized document experts

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We bring a well-deserved global reputation for excellence and integrity to our clients. Keesing has built a worldwide network of relationships with governments at the national, regional and local level that gives us unparalleled access to authentication information. We leverage those relationships to keep our data complete and up to date, working constantly to track the latest advancements in security. Ours is the most comprehensive source of genuine ID documents in the world.

Keesing is an identity verification leader with deep expertise in both the public and private sectors. That leadership is built on decades of experience working with governments, employment agencies, banks, airlines and insurance companies, among many others. We serve more than 6,000 clients around the globe, providing ID authentication solutions they trust to meet their critical security needs, every day.

We have offices in Europe and the US with professional team at your disposal.

Keesing Technologies is a SURYS company.




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